lundi 1 février 2016

Le moins qu'on puisse dire, c'est que les élèves espagnols sont de vrais artistes ! Voici quelques unes de leurs productions sur le thème "comment je t'image ?" Félicitations à tous nos dessinateurs !!!

In the following pictures you can see the way our students from Calamonte see the different nationalities: Portuguese, Italian and French alike. They are great drawings! Let's first start with our nearest neighbour and forecoming school exchange, Portugal :
As for our northeast neighbours, the French, our "Calamonteños" couldn't forget about the Eiffel Tower, a beret on top of a French woman's head and of course, a baguette in her hand! What do you think? Is it so?
This wonderful picture represents how our students imagine you, Portuguese.
And what about Italy? Well, as a result of the recent Spanish reality TV programme, they have thought that the best way to represent you is through a celebrity in your country, Laura Pausini. Cool, isn't it?